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Crochet Gum Nuts


Materials        8 ply yarn of suitable colour.       Crochet hook size 3.00mm.  Stuffing.  Florist wire or other suitable wire (for stalks).

Abbreviations      dc  double crochet,    sl st    slip stitch,  st  stitch,  Rd  round,

 inc  increase,  dec   decrease, Rep   repeat,  pm  place marker



Make a magic ring.    (If you are unfamiliar with this technique look on Google for a ‘how to’ video).

Rd 1      Work 4 dc into the magic ring.  Close ring and sl st into first dc.   pm

Rd 2       Starting with 1st dc, work 2 dc into each dc of the 1st Rd. ( This will inc the number of st).

Rd 3     Work one Rd in dc.

Rd 4      * (dc into first st, then work 2 dc into next stitch)   Rep from * to complete the Rd.

Rd 5       Rep Rd 4

Rd 6       *( Work 2 dc, then work 2 dc into next st)   Rep from * to complete the Rd.

Rd 7        Work 1 Rd in dc.

Rd 8        *(Work 2 dc then dec by working 2 st together)  Rep from * to complete Rd

Rd 9         *( Work 1 dc, the dec by working 2 st together)   Rep from * to complete Rd

At this stage stuff the gum nut firmly.

Rd 10       Work 2 st together all the way round   (This is decreasing the number of st)

Rd 11       *( Work 1 dc, work 2 dc in next st,)  Repeat from *  to complete Rd

Rd 12        Dc all round.  Fasten off and darn in ends.


Cut suitable length of wire and insert into base of nut.     Work a chain of crochet long enough to wind around the wire.  Secure in place a nut base with a stitch or two.

Make several gum nuts and twist stalks together to make clusters. ( Have a peek at some actual gum nut clusters and copy)

The size of the gum nut you make may be varied by omitting Rd 5 and 7 it’s up to you. Finer yarn will produce smaller results.  They don’t have to look perfect, gum nuts are different shapes. Feel free to adjust the pattern to your liking.  

Above all have fun making your gum nuts.     

picture of gum nuts.jpg
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