HillsAlive 2021

The Parish Council and myself would like to thank all the co-leaders and their team members, for all their hard work and dedication to God's church here in Roleystone.  With God's help they have put in countless hours behind the scenes.  Thank you Merrily, Barbara, Geoff, Wendy, Bi, Jill, Jane Flacks, Pat Bestow,Trudie, Janice and Jacky. 

Special acknowledgements for my family, Nathan and Jessica, and Armadale Society of Art, who helped and supported us in many ways including transporting goods, setting up equipment, helping with technology and much more.

Thank you to the very talented artist, artisans and musicians who gave their talents, time and their support to this occasion in sharing their experiences and visions of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love  Next year we aim to include, and reflect on faith, whom we have faith in (family, friends, society, politics, religion and more).  We may ask ourselves why we have faith,trust in these things, people or God and explore the meaning of faith for each of us 

To our sponsors "Second Chance, Recycling"  "Emporium Gifts" "NationWest Aviation, members of our church community. Thank you for trusting in the event's vision, and trusting us to hold and present it to the community of Roleystone and beyond.  Thank you for supporting that vision in very practical ways.

We could not have known that the world and our communities would be in so much need of the Joy that comes from God, through us.  We could not have known how much a moment of Joy in a difficult year could mean to people, sharing hope for the future, peace in our being and joy and love in community.  

We could, and did, only trust in the path that God had set before us.  We will continue to trust that path.


Rev's Susan Ann Thorpe-Gudgeon

and Parish Council of Saint Christopher's